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Wall Art

I am currently taking personal commissions from clients who would themselves like to become their own personal wall art for whatever reason. My work has in the past found its way into peoples offices, dens, workshops, living rooms, bedrooms and even inside of their (or significant others)wardrobe doors and the reasons are numerous and varied.

These commissions start with a consultation either in person or via email where we will discuss your needs and wants and possible ideas and run through the process in detail. This is followed up with a photo shoot in my private dedicated photographic studio in which we create the required imagery for your personalised wall art. Captured images are reviewed throughout the shoot with adjustments and refinements made as we go.

If anonymity is one of your primary concerns then no need to worry. As you can see images can be retouched and modified or suitably cropped to eliminate facial features, tattoos, scars and other distinguishing features to suit your personal preference.

Once you have reviewed selection of images and made your final choice the artistic interpretation, printing and framing process can begin. 

What you end up with is a personal and unique art work which can be displayed in a location of your choice. It can be something private and personal to you and displayed as such or you may prefer it to be on display in a more public space where it will become the ultimate conversation starter. The choice is yours.

Please get in touch if you would like more information including pricing and options.

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Art Nude Wall Art
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